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First Weeks in School

First Weeks in School


On Thursday 2nd September and Friday 3rd September, the new reception children will attend school at allocated sessions for their induction visits.  Once we have spoken to nurseries and gathered information from yourselves through the parental questionnaire, a letter will be sent out at the beginning of July to inform you about which class your child will go into and the induction session that they will attend in September.  The children will start school in their allocated groups and classes from Monday 6th September on a part time basis for 3 weeks.


We have an intake of 45 children in a year group so 15 children in the cohort are placed in class 2 with Miss Walker alongside 15 year 1 children and the remaining 30 reception children are placed in class 1 with Mrs True. The children in class 1 will be split into two groups of 15 whilst they attend on a part time basis. If your child is in class 1 the letter that you receive in July will state which group your child is in.


When your child starts at Fulwood and Cadley in September,  they will be in either a morning or afternoon group and will attend on a part time basis.  Throughout the time that they are part time, they will attend either morning and afternoon sessions and the week beginning 20th September they will all attend a morning session and stay for lunch. We appreciate that your child may have attended nursery on a full time basis before they start school however, the structure and routines of the school day are very different to nursery and from experience we know that children adapt better to these through a phased and part time approach.  We are also aware that they have all experienced a lot of disruption over the past 18 months and starting school is another big event in their young lives.  We are mindful that you are entrusting us with your children and therefore request that you trust us with managing a safe and secure start to their time here with us at Fulwood and Cadley. 


The First Day

(The following information will only apply during the time your child is attending on a part time basis)


  • On the first day your child will need to wear their uniform to school.

Morning Group: 9.15am – 11.45am

Afternoon Group: 1.15pm – 3pm

  • Please wait with your child on the playground near the KS1 entrance (door nearest to the field).
  • We will ask that the children line up in the designated area.
  • Staff will collect the children from the playground.


We fully understand if your child becomes upset, but please rest assured that our staff are experienced in supporting children with transitioning into school and will endeavor to make this a positive experience. Try not to worry or get upset yourself as it can make it more difficult for your child.  If you are at all worried about your child, you are welcome to telephone later, to put your mind at rest.


  • At the end of the morning/afternoon session, it is essential that you are there to meet your child.
  •  Children soon become anxious if they are kept waiting, so if at any time you are going to be unavoidably late, then please ring school so the class teacher can warn your child in advance. 
  • The children will be brought out to the playground and will be dismissed one at a time, once we have seen who has come to pick them up.
  • Please can you ensure that you have completed the “Authorised Person” information on forms (the link to this has been emailed out to you) as we will not allow anyone other than you, or a person who has been authorised by you, to collect your child. 
  • Please ensure that you let us know immediately of any changes to contact details, especially if you change your mobile phone number.


These times are for while your child is coming part-time.  When they start coming for full days, the normal school times will apply.