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COVID-19 Return to School Arrangements



Return to School in September 2021


Government guidance now allows school to remove the bubble structure, other social distancing measures and control measures that have been in place for children.  Our school will be doing this from September 2021.  Government guidance also means we can also remove our staggered start/finish times and revert many aspects of school back to how school was working before the pandemic started.

However, we need to be clear that the pandemic has not gone away and as per government guidelines, we now need to learn to live with Coronavirus. As such some general measures will need to remain in place.  From time to time, our arrangements may need to be reviewed in the event of any increase in infections or changes in government guidelines.

Below details some key changes to be aware of. 

Please see Government guidance for latest information


The School Day

The school day will revert back to normal hours for all classes as of 1st September 2021.

School registration will be at 8:55 am.  Children will be permitted to enter the school building via their allocated door from 8:40 am therefore introducing a rolling start to the beginning of the school day, all classes will start learning and be ready for 8:55 am registration.   We ask parents to be at the relevant entrance points from 8:40-8:55 am to support the organisation of the school day.  Ensuring your children are in school promptly has a huge impact on their learning.  The children will leave school at the times indicated in the table to left. This will ensure groups of parents and children do not congregate on the yard, reducing the risk of transmission and supporting the local community by reducing congestion.

Start of the Day

Doors open


Registers at



Path from the field

KS1 Door

KS2 Door


Cl 1, 2 & 3





Cl 4 & 5

Cl 10 & 11



Cl 6

Cl 7, 8 & 9


Entrance and Exit Points

During Covid-19 pandemic we have used different ways of entering and leaving our school site.  These have been successful in many ways and we will be continuing with different entrance and exit points for different classes this term, however we will not be using any of the access points on the staff car park for health and safety reasons.  As with all school procedures, we will be evaluating this as we move through the autumn term.  Refer to the table above for details regarding the entrance points for children across the school from 2nd September 2021. 

Collecting children at the end of the day.  School finishes between 3:15-25pm.  Parents should wait at the relevant points on the playground to collect children in an organised and orderly way, trying not to congregate in large groups close the exits.  Children will be handed over to the parents in an organised way and leave the school site promptly.



In order to maximise the time children are able to engage in PE sessions this year, we are asking all children to come into school in their PE kit for the day. This will prevent the loss of learning time in this area of the curriculum, which is vital in enabling the children to bounce back from the effects of COVID, both in relation to mental and physical health.  We ask that children come into school in tracksuit bottoms (not leggings) on days when the weather is cold as opposed to just shorts. Pupils can come into school wearing their trainers and pumps must be brought into school in their PE bags and left in school ready for Dance and Gymnastic sessions.


Lunchtimes and Break Times

Children initially were eating together in the Hall and playing with other year groups.  However from Monday 27th September we will be implementing a staggered approach to lunches to prevent large mixed groups of children coming together. Members of the welfare staff will be allocated to the teams across school and will manage lunchtimes. Classes 1-6 will enjoy their lunch first whilst classes 7-11 play outside and then they will switch.

Break times will be managed in their teams with children in the Early Years Team, Middle School Team and Upper School Team enjoying playtimes together at separate times. This will support the children in managing the transition back to mixed playtimes, but also reduce the risk of transmission with fewer children on the yard at different times of the day.


Worship and Assembly

During the last 18th months whole school worship and any assemblies have been held on zoom or in Bubble when in school.  We know the importance of physically coming together as a whole school community and hope to once again be holding worship together in the hall on Monday, Thursday (singing) and Friday (Celebrations), however from Monday 27th Sep we will be holding a HT assembly on a Monday/Thurs for one team in school (2wk schedule), team assemblies as indicated below, singing in classes only and Celebrations will be in key stages. 

Senior leaders will lead class assemblies on Tues and Wed or may join their team in a senior leader lead assembly.

  • Early Years Team- Tues 10:30am Cl 1,2 & 3 – Mrs Gill
  • Middle School Team – Wed 1:15pm Cl 4,5 & 6 – Mr Holding
  • Upper School Team – Tues – 1:15pm Cl 7,8,9 & 10 – Mrs Livesey






HT Team Assembly

Wk1: Cl1,2,3

Wk 2: Cl 7,8,9

SLT Team Assembly

SLT Team Assembly

HT Team Assembly

Wk 1: Cl 4,5,6

Wk 2: Cl 10 & 11

Cl 1-6 1:15

Cl 7-11 2:50


School Events and Clubs

School events have changed dramatically over the last 18 months with many meetings taking place virtually and many usual events being unable to take place in the normal way.  We hope to offer a broad range of extra-curricular clubs for children across the school from 27th Sep 2021. Please refer to the list of diary dates for other events planned for the terms.


The arrangements are all subject to change depending on the COVID context in school.