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***The curriculum pages are under review as they will be changing over the next few weeks and months, if you have any questions please contact Mrs Livesey on or via the school office***

At Fulwood and Cadley, our curriculum is ambitious, designed to inspire, engage and challenge every child regardless of learning and behavioural needs, religious, cultural or social background. The curriculum fosters a culture that celebrates the wealth of our great nation, prepares children to become an asset to their local and national communities enriching life in modern Britain. Strong curriculum links and opportunities for enrichment enable children to explore different cultures, deepening their worldly understanding and appreciation for others, investing in cultural capital. This in turn supports their social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding as well as embedding British and School Values.


Our innovative staffing team drive forward rigorous and ambitious learning opportunities underpinned by a well-sequenced and progressive curriculum plan. Our school facilitates a limitless learning environment whereby children experience opportunities to be fearless, develop self-esteem, confidence and a natural curiosity for the diverse world around them. Rich learning experiences across a broad and balanced curriculum provide opportunities to deepen learning, think critically, be investigative and take risks. Preparation for a future digital world permeates all areas of the curriculum enabling our children to become effective computational thinkers with high levels of digital literacy preparing them for the future workplace and for being a life-long learner.


As valuable members of future societies, our children can independently take responsibility for their own decisions and actions, developing their ability to self-regulate, as well as recognising their own barriers to learning and their impact on others. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to make choices in relation to their safety and future health, both physically and mentally. Well -structured learning experiences, in both the classroom and natural world, enable children to take measured risks, face challenges, make mistakes and learn from them, supporting their understanding of the complexity and diversity of life, both in collaborative and independent contexts.


Whilst covering the statutory requirements of the national curriculum, the staffing team have worked collaboratively in order to meet the specific needs of our children through a nurturing and meaningful school curriculum underpinned by drivers and core values. The effective development of trusting relationships between pupils and staff enable children to have the confidence to be unique, chase their dreams and be fearless in their endeavours to fulfil their potential.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum that we teach please contact the school directly.


‘Wish it. Dream it. Do it. Be Unique’