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Community Partnerships

As a vibrant and forward-thinking school, we are passionate about making connections with business, charities and providers within our local community in order to improve opportunities for both our pupils and local people.


The greatest gift we can give our children is the confidence and opportunities to build connections and provide them with networks of support that exceed the four walls of their classroom. This year we are embarking on a journey to build connections with our community forming “Community Partnerships.” We are offering local businesses the opportunity to utilize the connections that we have because of our large pupil intake, as well as our connections with other schools across Lancashire to promote your products and services.


In return we are asking for a small financial contribution or if appropriate reduced pricing or a subsidised opportunity to purchase resources. In return for your financial support, we would advertise your business on our Community Partnerships page on our new school website, we would circulate all advertisements on our school Facebook page and on our Teachers2Parents communication platform. Increasing links with our school may mean that one of your products is used in school with signage visible to all who attend Fulwood & Cadley, to promote your product as well as highlight the goodwill you have shown to our pupils.


You may be asking why the school is taking this approach and it is simply due to the growing pressures on all schools especially ours to continue to provide the very best experiences for our children both in and out of the classroom with ever diminishing school budgets. We want to ensure that regardless of our budget allocation we can continue to provide for all our children, fulfilling experiences and opportunities that some of our children do not get at home.


In addition, we would welcome the opportunity to engage your skills in the life of our school through visits with our pupils in order to enlighten them into the opportunities and careers that may lie ahead for them in the future.


If you are interested in becoming a Community Partner please complete the contact form below or call the school office on: 01772 717087




Interested in Becoming a Community Partner?

Please complete the contact form expressing your interest and how we can work together