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School Values

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School Values


We aim for our children to develop an understanding of the British and School Values, these values underpin and permeate all aspects of provision in school. 


The School Values were collaboratively formulated by both staff and Governors, reflecting on the context of the school, the needs of our children and the hopes and aspirations we hold for them all for the future.


The children are passionate about the school values as they are rooted in our whole school reward system. Create by a the children the house team system is based on the theme of mythical creatures with the following creatures representing our values:

  • Phoenix - Resilience
  • Griffin - Courage
  • Unicorn - Respect
  • Pegasus - Aspiration
  • Chimera - imagination
  •  Minotaur - Determination



    Our School Values House Teams

    British Values



    Both the School Values and British Values permeate the life of the school, with aspects of the curriculum strengthening pupils understanding as well as the explicit exploration and celebration of each within collective worship. 

    For more information in relation to the British Values indicated below please click on the link. 


    The Rule of Law

    Individual Liberty

    Mutual Respect & Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs