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Curriculum Intent Statement - Science


Science provides the foundation for understanding the world around us. It can not only teach pupils about the world they live in, but also how to study it and make sense of various phenomena. As such, it is a fundamental aspect of all children’s learning.

At Fulwood and Cadley, we will not only ensure statutory compliance with the national curriculum, but also that all pupils have a solid grounding in science and a positive attitude towards scientific knowledge and experimental processes.

The aims of our science curriculum include:

  • Developing pupils’ interest in, and enjoyment of, science. By building on children’s curiosity, the science curriculum will help to instill a positive attitude towards science in pupils.
  • Delivering all the requirements of the national curriculum in relation to science and covering major scientific concepts.
  • Ensuring science lessons are purposeful, accurate and imaginative.
  • Ensuring pupils have sufficient scientific knowledge to understand both the uses and implications of science, today and in the future. This will also give pupils an appreciation of the changing nature of scientific knowledge.
  • The development of pupils’ ability to pose questions, investigate these using correct techniques, accurately record their findings, using appropriate scientific language and analyse their results.
  • Helping pupils develop the skills of prediction, hypothesising, experimentation, investigation, observation, measurement, interpretation and communication.
  • Making pupils aware of and alert to links between science and other school subjects, as well as their lives more generally


National Curriculum Statutory Requirements

Whole School Curriculum Map - Science

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