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Learning in EYFS

Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Reception is where the excitement begins!  Foundation Stage children learn together in an environment which is developed around the children’s interests. We pride ourselves on being an exciting and engaging place to be - encouraging our children to be independent learners through a range of practical activities. We follow a thematic curriculum which allows us to be creative with our lessons and let the children lead their own learning.


As our Foundation Stage children enter the classroom they learn primarily through a variety of play and real-life experiences. Play is an integral part of our curriculum.  Structured play both supports and develops each child’s need to socialise, express ideas, thoughts and feelings, experiment, observe and try things out.


Our teaching is delivered through carefully planned continuous provision, guided activities and challenges. The children access their environment freely; however they understand they must complete 'adult led activities' throughout the week which will scaffold and extend their learning. Their development is tracked through detailed, daily observations and child-initiated interaction. This information is then transferred into your child's personal learning journey - a diary of information and photographs. We use these to record individual interests, progress and plan the next steps of your child's learning.