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Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management Priorities 2023-24



All school stakeholders including Governors work collaboratively, providing support and challenge in order to ensure the provision for all children is outstanding and reflective of the school context.

Provision demonstrates equality of opportunity and meets the needs of all children regardless of the circumstance, enabling them to fulfil their potential, narrowing gaps in attainment and achieving in core areas in line or above the national and county average.


Priority Areas for Improvement:

  • Curriculum Leadership
  • Vulnerable Learners including SEND
  • Staff Development
  • Governance
  • Physical & Mental Health & Well-being
  • Business Leadership 


Targets within these areas:

Curriculum Leadership 

Develop the pedagogical content and knowledge of all curriculum leaders, which supports curriculum development and secures good teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Vulnerable Learners including SEND

Ensure provision, support and resources are deployed effectively in order to overcome barriers to learning, narrowing the gap in attainment and support progress from individual starting points.

Staff Development

Develop in house CPD opportunities for staff through collaborative coaching and modelling as well as lesson study


To establish a new Governing body, who support and challenge school leaders in order to raise standards.

Physical & Mental Health & Well-being

Physical and mental health for staff and children is prioritised with robust systems and procedures both formally and informally implemented

Business Leadership

To enhance schools ability to generate income and enhance the budget available for school development.