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Why McMullen?

Why McMullen?

In the Autumn term of 2020 our school family was changed forever, following the tragic loss of a dear colleague and friend to us all Mrs Lorraine McMullen. Leaving her mark on us all and creating some incredible memories the school was devastated at the loss. Lorraine suffered with her mental health for many years and was very open about the struggles she faced as well as her passionate support of others who may have faced such challenge also. 

She was an incredible lady, some might say the heart of our school family. She was always heard before she was seen and often weaved her way down the corridors tripping over coats and bags whilst singing at the top of her voice. 

She had such a gift, despite the battles she faced herself, she was able to make everyone laugh, really belly laugh. It is fair to say she was loved by us all and now missed by us all. 


In my privileged role as headteacher of Fulwood and Cadley on the day we lost our beloved Mrs Mc, I made a silent vow that we would and could never lose anyone in our school family again to mental health. 


Mental health touches so many of us and with the support of an incredible team and Governing body which aim to make a difference not just in our school but in as many Preston schools as we can. Helping children and parents to overcome challenge and ensure crisis point is never reached. 


In fond and loving memory of the amazing and unforgettable

Lorraine McMullen