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Fulwood and Cadley Primary School

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Who’s Who

Staff Team

Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs. K France 

Upper School Leader: Mrs. L Livesey

Middle School Leader: Mr. A Holding

Early Years Leader: Mrs. R Gill

School Business Manager: Mrs. R Smith 

SENCO: Mrs. R Gill


Admin Team: 

Mrs. A McGown

Mrs. S Smith


Early Years Teaching Team:

Class 1: Miss T Walker

Class 2: Mrs. S True

Class 3: Mrs. R Gill/ Mrs. S Barrett


Middle School Teaching Team:

Class 4: Mr. A Holding

Class 5: Mrs. D Duckworth

Class 6: Miss S Winnard


Upper School  Teaching Team:

Class 7: Mr. B Corlett

Class 8: Mrs. J Murphy

Class 9: Miss F Foss/Miss N Kane

Class 10: Mrs. A Robinson

Class 11: Mrs. L Livesey


Learning Support Team

Teaching Assistants


HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) - Mrs. J Margerison - TA Leader, PPA Cover & Forest Schools


Early Years Team: 

Class 1: Mrs. P Watt & Mrs. T Matadar (SSA - Special Support Assistant)

Class 2: Mrs. C Horrocks & Miss L Nicholson

Class 3: Mrs. N Iley


Middle School Team:

Class 4: Mrs. J Singh, Mrs. J Winter & Mrs. C Latus (SSA)

Class 5: Mrs. A Southworth ( Also Forest School lead)

Class 6: Mrs. R Kaur


Upper School Team:

Class 7: Miss H Tattler

Class 8: Mrs. M Milnes

Class 9: Miss K Lafferty

Class 10: Mrs. L Woodrow

Class 11: Miss A Jackson

Lunchtime Staff

Miss A Jackson     Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs. G Critchley    Welfare Assistant

Miss J Hatton        Welfare Assistant

Mrs. N Iley             Welfare Assistant

Mrs. K Kane          Welfare Assistant

Mrs. R Kaur           Welfare Assistant

Mrs. R Kaur           Welfare Assistant

Mrs. F Master        Welfare Assistant

Mrs. J Singh          Welfare Assistant


Cleaning and Site Staff

Mr. S McGown       Site Supervisor

Miss A Hargraves   Cleaner

Miss A Potter          Cleaner

Mrs. J Potter           Cleaner


Kitchen Staff

Mrs. N Howard        Kitchen Manager

Mrs. L Churchman   Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. A Robinson      Kitchen Assistant

Mrs. J Sutton           Kitchen Assistant