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Quality of Education

Fulwood & Cadley School Improvement Priorities 2021-22

Quality of Education


Target: To raise the standards in teaching and learning through the strategic planning and assessing of learning across the curriculum. Invest in staff development in order to narrow the gap in attainment for vulnerable groups and children as well as achieve attainment that is in line or above national or county average.


Quality First Teaching

Curriculum Enrichment & Enhancement

Outcomes and Standards

Teaching and Learning Principles

Digital Technology

Monitoring and Evaluation

Remote Learning

Intended Impact:


Quality First Teaching:

Through quality first teaching pupil, attainment is on track across core areas of the curriculum, enabling individuals to fulfil their progress potential and narrow the gap in attainment from data prior to COVID and NA and L/C average. 

Early Reading & Phonics

To create an environment where every child is not only able to read proficiently, but also develops a genuine love for reading.


To embed the fundamental skills of handwriting, spelling, oral storytelling and actions to improve the teaching of writing across school.


All children regardless of starting point make good progress in maths with a secure understanding of the fundamentals of number and an ability to a variety of context demonstrating secure and a growing depth in understanding.

Curriculum Enrichment & Enhancement

Plan for curriculum enrichment and enhancement opportunities to ensure pupils are provided with memorable experiences, which provide valuable learning experiences and promotes independence and interpersonal skills.

Outcomes & Standards

Analysis of data demonstrates secure teacher and senior leader knowledge of the progress and attainment picture of pupils across the school. Ensuring effective implementation of actions to address gaps in attainment and vulnerable chd and grps.

Teaching & Learning Principles

Teacher expertise is developed through a sound understanding of key principles linked to self-perception and self-esteem as well as meta-cognition in order to aspire to achieve consistently outstanding practise.

Digital Learning

Underpinned by the use of technology develop for all children regardless of background a limitless learning environment in classrooms whereby learning can happen anywhere, by anyone at any time through differentiated challenges and technology.

Remote Learning

Regardless of the context in relation to COVID school finds itself in, staff and pupils are able to adapt instantly from face-face provision to remote learning, maintaining high standards and expectations in teaching and learning

Monitoring & Evaluation

School leaders including Governors have a secure understanding of the strengths across the school in relation to both teaching and learning as well as areas for improvement, established because of a rigorous monitoring and evaluation procedures in order to raise standards in attainment and progress across the school.