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Autumn A

Our class topic for Autumn A is called 'Exploring Africa.' The linked subjects for this topic are geography, history, art, music and English.  


In Geography, we will be exploring Africa through the eyes of the people, focusing heavily on human geography including the types of settlement, land use, economic activity, including trade links and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water. 



In history, we will be exploring the Atlantic slave trade looking at the Atlantic passage, the treatment and resistance of enslaved Africans and the abolition of slavery. We will also be looking at some very influential people within black history, who with their powerful voices, made an impact on the world. 



In art lessons, we will be recreating African patterns using chosen mediums and the will be recreating these patterns by printing on Lino. We will also be recreating a painting in the style of Tingatinga and will learn about the work of Esther Mahlangu and Ndebele designs. 

Watch out for our masterpieces being uploaded to Showbie soon!



In music lessons, we will be participating in  a sample of African drumming whilst listening to African styles of music in  general lessons. This will be additional to our weekly music lesson.  



Our class read this term will be 'Journey to Jo'burg' which is a modern classic about the journey of a brother and sister across Africa during the time of South Africa's apartheid. In writing lessons, the children will be recreating their own African journey story whilst also writing an information text about the slave trade and a recount in the form of a diary from a day in the life of an African slave. 


Discrete Subjects


This half term, we will be focusing on online safety. Our main focus is to teach the children about copyright and ownership, self-image and identity, online relationships and online reputation. 



Our school theme for PSHE for the autumn term is relationships. In class 9, our children will be focusing on positive, healthy friendships. Alongside this, we will continue to have weekly 'Happy Minds' lessons. This is a whole school focus on creating a culture of positive mental well-being. Our first unit of work is called 'Meet your brain.' and helps us to understand how different parts of our brain have different functions and respond to situations differently. 



Alongside our African drumming lessons, we will be learning how to sing and play 'Living on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi on the Glockenspiel. Wish us luck!



This half term, our outdoor PE lessons will focus on invasion games: Rugby. For our second PE lesson, your child will either be attending swimming or having a gymnastic lesson with Mr Corlett. Pupils will be informed which group they are in. 



Our French lessons will be taught by Miss Jackson who will be focusing on numbers 1 - 50 and travelling the world in French.



Our focus for religious education this half term is Christianity: God. We will be exploring the key question 'Why is it sometimes difficult to do the right thing?"


DT and Science will not be taught this half term. 



Mathematics lessons will take place daily. This half term we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. 

Class 9 Timetable

Class 9 Annual Curriculum Map