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Daily Physical Activity


Starting on Monday 15th January 2024, children in class 9 will be participate in a whole school challenge of completing a short physical activity every day. In spring A, class 9 will do as many 'Mountain Climbers' as they can in an allocated time. Will be collectively reach enough steps to complete Mount Everest through out the term? 


Selected pupils in year 5 will continue swimming lessons on Thursday each week at West View Leisure Centre until the end of spring A.  

Please ensure your child attends school each week in their PE kit and also brings their swimming kit in a separate bag which should include: 

  • Swimming hat (compulsory for both boys and girls)
  • Towel
  • Costume
  • Inhaler (if your child suffers from Ashtma)

Home learning for Spring Term

Class 9 will continue to secure our fundamental skills throughout spring term of spellings, reading, timetables and basic arithmetic. Your child will be set home-learning tasks each Monday due in the following Monday. The Home Learning club is available on Monday and Wednesday at lunchtime to support those pupils who struggle to complete their tasks at home.


 Class  9 weekly home learning is as follows:

  1. Reading

       Your child should bring both their home-school reading book and Top 50 book home each night and are required to read daily at home choosing either one of the above. Each week, your child must log onto Showbie and complete a ‘book review’ or ‘book update’ on the book or chapters they have read that week. This review can be done creatively and can include a written update or a VLOG to mention a few. Instructions and questions to support the book review are on Showbie. Miss Jackson will check in with the children weekly about their reading at home whilst listening to the children read in class.


  1. Spellings

      Your child will be given 5 - 15 spellings each week to practise and embed using the strategies that we

      use in class daily. Your child’s personalised weekly spellings will be placed in their home learning book each Monday and all spelling strategies and practise should be evidenced in the book. Support for different spelling strategies can be found on Showbie. Spellings will be tested on a Monday morning in class.


  1. Maths Timetables and Arithmetic

Timetables are the foundations of maths and the more confident and fluent your child is in knowing their times tables off by heart, the easier they will find all aspects of maths from division to fractions etc..

I will be setting weekly activities on the following websites for the children to log in and practise their timetables. As a class teacher, I will be able to log on and see how much time they have spent practicing their tables and how well they are doing which I will report back to you at the next parent’s evening.

Finally, the children will receive our weekly ‘Top 10’ arithmetic questions to embed the mathematical strategies we learn in class which are to be completed in their home-learning books.




If possible, please can all pupils in class 9 bring into school a 'cheap' pair of headphones which they can leave in their tray each day. I emphasise the word 'cheap' as I wouldn't want an expensive pair to go missing or get damaged. 

Headphones are not compulsory but they will help your child in their learning every day. We regularly complete tasks such as IDL, TT Rockstars, listen to audio books, information videos or even receive verbal feedback on the i-pads from the teacher so headphones do make this task much easier and more engaging for your child. Your support in this, if possible, will be greatly appreciated. 


Uniform Plea

Please can you label the children's jumpers and ties with their first and second name. Is is much easier to return missing uniform back to the rightful owner if it is labelled.

Thank you in advance for your support.